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First apologize for my English, it is not my native language and I am using google translate to help me.

I have been testing several applications of the fedivers and this one in particular, or I do not know how to handle it or it does not work like others. Here or in Mastodon I can see, follow and interact, with people from other instances without problems and with great ease. In funkwhale I have tried it from different pods, even with accounts created by me in two of them and I can’t do it, it always gives errors or problems. Only once I managed to add a library from another user, it was supposed to be public and even so, I had to wait for its approval, but well, the fact is that the library had like a thousand and odd songs and when I added it to my pod it only came out like 100

What am I doing wrong? How does this work? is it really impossible/very difficult to follow people from other pods for some reason?

Thanks for your answers



Following users is not implemented. You can follow libraries to add them to your collection. There might be bugs, even though we worked on the stability a lot in the past. We are aware that scanning huge libraries is a problem, though.

Please note this is not an official support channel and if you seek help for specific issues, please join our channels on matrix or our forum.


oh I am aware that you are not official support or anything, I was thinking about helping other users, wondering if I was doing something wrong.

In any case you are right and I have expressed it wrong, when I say follow users I mean follow libraries. I really like the app and I think it has huge potential, I hope it continues to develop, for my part I will support and promote it in whatever way I can


Well, I am actually part of the Funkwhale collective, but I am just checking in here from time to time from my phone so I can’t really provide technical guidance. However, I am happy to answer questions here!

It’s really appreciated you want to help. We are a community led project, which means everyone is working in their spare time and we have a lot to do and every little effort spend on the project helps.

Back to the topic, it’s totally possible to follow remote libraries and if you want to pull in remote content, that’s the way to go. Some libraries are public, others might require an approval from the owner in order to consume the content. Hope this helps!

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