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We have a lot to show since the 0.7.0 release! This release, care has been taken to ensure real hardware is working, i686 support has been added, features like audio and preliminary multi-display support have been enabled, and the boot and install infrastructure has been simplified and made more robust. I highly recommend skimming through the changes listed below before jumping into the images, if you want more details.

Helix 🧬

From the book:

We are not a Linux clone, or POSIX-compliant, nor are we crazy scientists, who wish to redesign everything. Generally, we stick to well-tested and proven correct designs. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.

That almost sounds sane! Refreshing to see a project which doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel.


Agreed. And the developer is a System76 Engineer and Pop!_OS Maintainer.

I’ve tried the new ISO image on real hardware, and that was fine, except that I have no supported NIC for network. I guess in the future when Redox OS has better USB support I can try again with a NIC adapter for USB.

12M I’m looking forward to test too, is the performance better compared to the Linux kernel?

I’ve only booted from USB flash drive, and I think it did not make much difference with booting Linux from USB. The amount of apps is very minimal. In that regard Haiku OS has much more choice.

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