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IMO sandbox games are games in which players have the freedom to do things that make gameplay non-linear, such as exploring the world or building structures. Sandbox games can also be based entirely on player creativity, like creating levels or even entire game modes (or games) within a game

Lemmy is the backend (server-side code) and lemmy-ui is the frontend (client-side code that runs in your browser). The first one is used for installation, the repository has links to instructions

Hi, I can access it now too, but I couldn’t before. It’s weird.

Thanks for the reply, but that’s not what I meant. I understand that the Jerboa community is on a different instance. What I meant was that, for example, I can subscribe to, to, but I can’t subscribe to And I can’t even find it through a search (on Seems like a federation problem, or it’s a feature I don’t know about.

I use a lemmy client for android called Jerboa. There is an [official community]( on dedicated to news about its development, but on I can't find it and subscribe to it. Is there some sort of whitelist here? Or I don't fully understand how Lemmy works?