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oh I am aware that you are not official support or anything, I was thinking about helping other users, wondering if I was doing something wrong.

In any case you are right and I have expressed it wrong, when I say follow users I mean follow libraries. I really like the app and I think it has huge potential, I hope it continues to develop, for my part I will support and promote it in whatever way I can

I think this whole topic will be studied in business schools for years “how to lose 44 billion in less than a month” I wouldn’t know where to start without Elon’s example

first steps
First apologize for my English, it is not my native language and I am using google translate to help me. I have been testing several applications of the fedivers and this one in particular, or I do not know how to handle it or it does not work like others. Here or in Mastodon I can see, follow and interact, with people from other instances without problems and with great ease. In funkwhale I have tried it from different pods, even with accounts created by me in two of them and I can't do it, it always gives errors or problems. Only once I managed to add a library from another user, it was supposed to be public and even so, I had to wait for its approval, but well, the fact is that the library had like a thousand and odd songs and when I added it to my pod it only came out like 100 What am I doing wrong? How does this work? is it really impossible/very difficult to follow people from other pods for some reason? Thanks for your answers