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Well, I am actually part of the Funkwhale collective, but I am just checking in here from time to time from my phone so I can’t really provide technical guidance. However, I am happy to answer questions here!

It’s really appreciated you want to help. We are a community led project, which means everyone is working in their spare time and we have a lot to do and every little effort spend on the project helps.

Back to the topic, it’s totally possible to follow remote libraries and if you want to pull in remote content, that’s the way to go. Some libraries are public, others might require an approval from the owner in order to consume the content. Hope this helps!

It was broken a few times in the past, but should be back on the main homepage again as well.


Following users is not implemented. You can follow libraries to add them to your collection. There might be bugs, even though we worked on the stability a lot in the past. We are aware that scanning huge libraries is a problem, though.

Please note this is not an official support channel and if you seek help for specific issues, please join our channels on matrix or our forum.

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