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I use a lemmy client for android called Jerboa. There is an official community on dedicated to news about its development, but on I can’t find it and subscribe to it.

Hi, That’s because the developer of Jerboa is also one of the developers of Lemmy platform and co-admin of instance ( So the official channels about the Lemmy/Jerboa development are in that instance. On the other hand this community is related to technical topics of this instance [jeremmy] only.

Is there some sort of whitelist here?

See: Instances

Or I don’t fully understand how Lemmy works?

See: Docs

First blocking mastodon links, now this…


— Hugo Chavez

use-package has been merged into emacs-29
cross-posted from: > Just to make this official: use-package has now landed on the emacs-29 > branch. This means, barring any major world disasters, solar storms, or > similar, use-package will officially be a part of Emacs 29.

Speaker: Chema Phel: Completely open source: Phel is a functional programming language that compiles to PHP. It is a dialect of Lisp inspired by Clojure and Janet. Features - Built on PHP's ecosystem - Good error reporting - Persistent data structures (Lists, Vectors, Maps and Sets) - Macros - Recursive functions - Powerful but simple Syntax - REPL The following example gives a short impression on how Phel looks like: ```phel # Define a namespace (ns my\example) # Define a variable with name "my-name" and value "world" (def my-name "world") # Define a function with name "print-name" and one argument "your-name" (defn print-name [your-name] (print "hello" your-name)) # Call the function (print-name my-name) ``` You can find all documentation here:

A community dedicated to the users of Depthboot. > (a fork of Breath) can create bootable images for all 64-bit Chromebooks. Multiple Linux distributions and desktop environments are supported.

Done, make a post there so I can make you a mod.

Well, keep in mind that Emacs Lisp was introduced when Common Lisp was not standardized, in terms of design it is the oldest Lisp in use, it is closer to MIT’s MacLisp than its successors: CL and Scheme.

Yes, ELisp pretty much only works within the Emacs ecosystem, but one of the advantages of the Lisp dialects is that they have more similarities to each other than differences, especially in syntax and the functional paradigm. ELisp will give you minimal bases that you can take to move to more popular dialects with job opportunities: Clojure and CL.

A drop-down console written in Emacs Lisp, designed for eshell and terminal emulation.

Want to unlock the full power of Lisp/Scheme but don't know where to start? In one hour we'll go from NO background to Scheme written in Scheme! This is the video tutorial version of A Scheme Primer: as published by the Spritely Institute: We go from 0 prior Scheme experience to Scheme programmed in Scheme in about an hour! Hold onto your seat! This was originally presented on 2022-07-16 at Hack and Craft which is a usergroup / crafting circle of the FOSS & Crafts podcast:

At first (when it was still codenamed Hongmeng) it was nothing more than a crude android fork, but everything changed with version 2.x because they went from being a mobile operating system (android), to being a distributed operating system (HOS is platform agnostic), native (embedded) Javascript support and its own Typescript implementation ( eTS). And since version 3.x they are already rewriting the critical components (android core/APIS) to avoid legal conflicts with Oracle and western big techs, as well as the future migration to their own programming language: Cangjie (as far as I understand, very similar to Java/C#), so HOS as a future project will resemble a JVM/.NET on steroids and closer to be an universal system in many aspects.

Made in China. Hence the fear of the entire Western technology sector.

More info

Getting Started with eTS

the genuine Android competitor. Too bad that even the official tools to develop in its ecosystem are only available on Windows and Mac.

It surprises me since most of these, apart from being written in Java/Kotlin, are forks of existing projects in Android/IOS.

Surprise that Mozilla has not yet released the source code of Pocket.

cross-posted from: > > Clawe is a clojure-centric window-manager, uh, -manager.

> Clawe is a clojure-centric window-manager, uh, -manager.

He doesn’t buy a social network, he really bought was the best training engine for his artificial intelligence division (especially the one related to robots, which curiously seek to be “as human” as possible.

cross-posted from: > from that issue: > > > I'll be stopping providing new LibreWolf builds, and it's possible I'll abandon the port altogether in the near future. > So, unless I'll find someone who will take care of the port, it would be better to remove the instructions. > > more details inside, and many thanks to the person who provided the port during these months!

Algun taquero programador en el paradigma funcional?

All anime/manga related stuff (OST, OVAs, movies, etc.)

librewolf v106 rollout
cross-posted from: > hello! v106.0.1 is rolling out on all platforms. > > some might have already got a v106.0 update, others will be upgraded directly to the newer version as the releases were condensed into one, since they occurred within 48 hrs from each other upstream. > > main changes: > - rebased to latests firefox; > - updated settings: there have been many minor changes in the past few releses, I suggest looking at the [changelog]( of the past few versions; > - hide firefox view for now, we will eventually patch it and re-introduce it in a revisited form later on! > > enjoy and be safe :-)

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