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There really needs to be some dedicated lemmy instances to gather/grow topical communities… I can’t quite wrap my head around why people set up topical mastodon instances rather than lemmys, given that local mastodon posts generally don’t stick to a topic.

The problem # Flow elements require space (sometimes referred to as white space) to physically and conceptually separate them from the elements that come before and after them.

Ok that didn’t pull in the images from the pleroma post :D Interesting though.

In find it incredible that even through all this, there will be users that will not look for alteratives.

I don’t think mastodon would ever be a destination for teens. But the idea that maybe one group of your mates in on service x and another on service y and you can connect due to a shared protocol is still a draw.

Not sure it matters. Could a decentralised open protocol become a mammoth? Hope so

For looking at older classic artists / prog I like the discussions by the music buffs at https://www.youtube.com/c/seaoftranquilityprog mostly for album rankings and then maybe check the best ranked to see if it might be to my taste.

Great will have to check it out though I managed to damage the sim reader in the n9 so not using daily currently :/

https://talk.maemo.org/showthread.php?t=82997 has the command to use. Where coderusinbox_40gmail_2ecom is the user login and talks@conference.qutim.org is the room.

Pasted below for posterity. qdbus com.nokia.Messaging / com.nokia.MessagingIf.startConversation /org/freedesktop/Telepathy/Account/gabble/jabber/coderusinbox_40gmail_2ecom0 talks@conference.qutim.org 2 0

Having said that the n9 can support joining XMPP groups via the terminal. It’s feels like they were going to implement it but were shut down before they got the chance.

There is a bridge between the networks, but the n9 implementation doesn’t support Xmpp groups via the jabber app.

Netflix hasn’t felt indispensable for a while, could be the last straw.

If they could have Ai generated songs written and performed by ai generated artists, combined with ai generated social media they’d love it.

So far have only managed to get the jabber im client talking with an ejabberd gateway. Would not connect with prosody.

Will have to check if this still works in 2022 -

Thread dredge but I managed to set up a bridge between matrix and xmpp using matterbridge. The N9 has an Jabber XMPP client but it doesnt support groups. (Matterbridge adds a bot to the Matrix and XMPP groups)